• Teeth Whitening Training

    4-HOUR COURSE! You will receive a manual, full kit which includes an LED lighting system and certificate upon completion. You will be required to work hands on with a model. Upon registering you will receive an email with detailed information about your training and how to prepare for it.

    $800 | $300 deposit required

  • What will I learn?

    • Technique introduction
    • Client consent forms
    • Pricing​Contraindications
    • FAQ
    • Sanitization
    • Complete procedure on live model
    • Aftercare instructions

  • What's in my kit?

    1 x LED Lamp
    1 x LED Glasses
    1 x Bib Clip
    3 x Cheek Retractors
    1 x Vitamin E Oil
    1 x Vaseline
    2 x Teeth Whitening Gels
    10 x Micro Swabs
    10 x Lip Gloss Applicators